Unconventional – Nashville’s Music City Center


Unconventional – Nashville’s Music City Center is a stunning 152-page book documenting the artwork found throughout Nashville’s new convention center. Through striking photography and informative essays it explores every work of art, making those of us privileged to be a part of the collection feel quite special!

For more information or to order visit www.nashvillemusiccitycenter.com

Procession installed at First Bank’s new Green Hills Branch

Procession_ImageGridJanet and Jim Ayers continue to make Tennessee art a significant aspect of First Bank’s growth and interface with local communities. A collection of artwork is highly visible within each branch, with the collected work organized around a theme relating to the surrounding area. My suspended sculpture Procession was created specifically for the new Green Hills branch slated to open in December. For this branch the theme relates to the arts and progress.

Aesthetically, Procession draws inspiration from the First Bank construction site, in particular, the skeleton frame which supports the building but is now hidden from view. This underlying structure conveys growth, stability, and elegance, while also serving to remind us of the dignity of labor and the contribution of all individuals to progress. Taking a ring form, the piece echoes the circular nature of the First Bank architecture, and is composed with the intent that it be an exciting work from all available perspectives – simultaneously illuminating the space and a progressive community culture.

On This Ground installed at Music City Center

Installing @ Music City Center

It was an exciting April 1 as we installed On This Ground at Nashville’s dramatic new Music City Center. The 15 foot wide suspended sculpture has been in the works since last summer, drawing inspiration from the construction process itself. Metal objects salvaged from the site were used to create various rust imprints, while images abstracted from aerial photography were also layered into the work. Aerial images of the building’s foundation taken in May 2010, just after Nashville was flooded, are unexpectedly beautiful…Flooded Foundation…as is a dreamy image of structural scaffolding.

Structure & Scrim

We’ll be excited to see the many acquired and commissioned artworks forming Music City Center’s collection when the doors open in May!